Thursday, June 5, 2008

The Kiss

This is not an original concept
Part of the class, was to chose a picture that I would like to paint
I printed several pics and showed it to my friend Chicklet
We fell in love with "The Kiss"
due to its texture
due to its passion.

I used palette knife to finalize everything
Giovanni helped me every Sunday back then when I was finishing this painting.
I could still remember the beautiful and sad music each time I paint this this beautiful canvas.

My 1st Oil Painting

Lalaki - Babaye - Bayot

A sketch back 1998
Inspired from one of the Artists I saw on newspaper
I was deeply lost
My heart seeked my passion for arts
At that clouded room
Its always empty
Every time I step on the main door
I felt like its time to work
Not a time for me to learn and enjoy

My Mentors

I've been looking for this man for so many years. Alas! I found him. Kimsoy Yap. the greatest inspiration of my paintings.

The two guys, are my great mentors too.. Gabrielle Abellana and Luther Galicano. Luther together with Giovanni Zamora guided me all through out when I studied oil painting at the Cebu Academy of Arts. Gabby, is always encouraging me to paint, and he was there to assess my drawing skills.

To Mark Deutsch, who is a good friend.. handsdown to your creativity. Thanks always for encouraging me to draw and to paint still. Thanks for all the tips both in painting and more in photography. Thanks for the time in listening when I needed a friend to confirm and criticize my ideas.

Mata ug Kamot

This is a Mark & Johanna inspired blog.

Never thought of making a blog
about my long lost dream of becoming a Painter.

Mark together with Johanna, a couple who love both arts and its entirety,
inspired me to do so.

My passion, my love for papers, pencils and colors.
my mind.
my mind.
my soul.
my heart.
my eyes.
my hand.
i'll travel far beyond dreams...
embrace them
before my death.


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